When is Mahashivratri, this festival will be special this year due to auspicious coincidence


Religion work 

area According to the Hindu timetable of Mahashivratri quick, the falgun is performed on the fourteenth day of the long stretch of Krishna Pax. The Chaturdashi date is Swami Shiva. Accordingly, consistently, on the fourteenth day of the Lord's Day, Shivratri is praised, which is known as the Mass Shivratri Vrat. Along these lines, 12 Shivratri are made quick consistently, yet in the long stretch of Falgun month, the Chatrapadhi is exceptionally uncommon. That is, this date of February or March is praised as Mahashivaratri. This is commended throughout the day and Shiva is loved in midnight.

At the point when is mahashivratri 

Mahashivaratri is praised on the fourth day of the fasting month of the Calcutta Mass. This quick ought to be done on the date of Midnight Life. As indicated by Jyotishcharya Pt. Ganesh Mishra this year, on fourth March this year, Chaturdashi is occurring from 4 pm to 11 minutes, which will stay on Tuesday fifth March at 6 pm for 18 minutes. Mahashivaratri will be praised on the fourth of March amidst the night, ie, among midnight and Quarter date.


Why is Mahashivratri this year special

There is a rare coincidence on Mahashivaratri. This year is Mahashivratri on Monday. Monday is the lunar moon. In astrology, the moon is said to be somewhere. And Somnath to Lord Shiva Therefore, it is considered to be very auspicious on Monday to have Mahashivaratri. Lord Shiva is pleased with the worship of Shiva on Monday.
Sun-Moon Shiva is making yoga on Mahashivaratri. This yoga is starting on Monday at 1 p.m. 43 min. This is welfare and successful sum. In it, worshiping Lord Shiva gives special results. It is also considered auspicious, spiritual thinking and intellectual work. In Shiv Yoga, there is no rebirth of worshiper, awakening and fasting person.
Having the auditory and intimate nakshatra on the Mahashivratri is becoming the sum of accomplishment and auspicious name. At the same time, the date, the wise and the nakshatra are also making rounds of yoga. The festival of Mahashivratri has become even more special due to these 3 good works. In these auspicious formulations, Shiva's worship succeeds. On the other hand, every kind of shopping and auspicious work can be done in these formulas.
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