Apple has documented a patent for a glass console which could conceivably supplant the conventional console found on Macs.

Apple files a patent for glass keyboard

Apple has petitioned for another Keyboard patent.
The new patent is for a touch empowered glass console.

Apple has petitioned for another patent which exhibits a touch empowered console. The recorded patent shows indicate multi-layers on the console. The best layer and the base which houses the trackpad is appeared to have a transformable bit of glass. This could apparently change dependent on the applications being utilized, like what we have seen with the touch bar on the new Macs. As indicated by advanced patterns the "patent illustrations demonstrate that first glass layer offers the capacity to end up modified, conceivably permitting the base portion of the case to house a touchscreen which could then wind up material when the client has the utilization for a console. This arrangement would reduce the absence of exact physical input from the touch surface when a catch is squeezed." But essentially, this new patent demonstrates a glass console with raised bits to indicate the position of keys and give clients criticism when each key is squeezed. This could dispense with the requirement for moving parts in the console decreasing the odds of disappointment. The criticism could be like the haptic input we saw with the home catch on the iPhone 7. 

The recorded patent is basically called "PC with console" however it appears to be much more than that. Apple has been scrutinized for the butterfly system on its console, particularly on the grounds that dust figures out how to enter the console lodging. With the second era, Apple added a silicone layer to help with the issue. Delivering a touch empowered console with raised positions for the keys could help dispose of the issue through and through, yet how well it will work for all intents and purposes is something the truth will surface eventually. The touchscreen of a cell phone took some becoming accustomed to and has now turned out to be second nature for those that utilization a cell phone. How compelling will a glass console be and all the more critically, how solid is an inquiry that remaining parts to be replied? 

This isn't the first occasion when we have seen a touch empowered console on a workstation. Lenovo has had the Lenovo Yoga Book with a second presentation that bends over as a composition cushion when needed and a console when required. The pattern didn't take off in light of the fact that there is no real way to get criticism from the touchpad console. Ideally, Apple's patent for raised keys and input from the touch empowered console will change that. 

Apple has been in the news for all the wrong reasons this previous couple of weeks. A 14-year-old found a bug in gathering facetime that empowers a client to listen stealthily on others. The Cupertino monster has been sued by an attorney for the equivalent. You can peruse increasingly about the FaceTime bug here. Offers of the iPhone have declined in India and China because of the high cost of the iPhone and aggressive contributions from different brands. You can peruse progressively about the drop in offers of the iPhone here.
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